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    2004 msx 110 starting issues

    I have a 2004 polaris msx 110 and i am having numerous issues with it starting. It will start up fine on a trailer and when unloading it but when using it in the water for a couple minutes and stop it it does not start again. The only way i can get it to start is if i pull the fuel rail, crank it with it off pointing the injectors into the cylinders and when it starts shut it off, put it all back together and then it will start but when i shut it off it will no the same thing again. I thought it was the map sensors so i ordered new ones and put them in and it was doing the same thing. I am stumped on this one, if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Arrow Weber engine oil level dipstick markings, MAP sensor wiring notes

    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    My first thought is this sounds like a weak battery issue. Even a fully charged battery... can be weak (when older) and not provide enough juice when cranking. You must have 10.5vdc minimum WHILE cranking or the fuel injection system/ECU won't work. Have you tried a new good battery?

    Beyond that... what's the history of the ski? Is the ski new to you? Has it just started this issue? When did it last run normal? What has happened since it last ran normal? Oil change? Tuneup? Did you roll the ski over in the water? Been sitting for a long time?

    Do you see the red blinking light on the display? Do you get a "check engine" light or any other indicators on the display?

    Aside from your issue your dealing with... there are a couple other items to pass along. The oil dipstick markings are WRONG. Do not fill beyond the MIN mark when the engine is cold. Just barely on the stick with a cold engine is fine... it'll warm up and oil level will rise to proper level mark when warm. Too much oil is BAD... causes oil ingestion and oil coating in pipes, intercooler, ruining MAP sensors, running poorly.

    Also, be sure you do not mix the wire harness connectors on the two MAP sensors. As you have seen, they are both the same part... the one on the intercooler-to-intake pipe uses the air temperature resistance feature of the sensor and it's wire harness connector has 4 wires. The MAP sensor on the front side of the intake manifold (below throttle body) only uses the pressure sensor and it's connector has 3 wires. If you cross these connectors, the ski will start but will run badly.

    Tell us more about your ski and we'll try and point you in the right direction.


    **edited to clarify oil level markings
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    the ski has about 40 hours on it and was always in the family. It sat for the past 2 years and was not used. the red blinking light comes on when you start it but goes away right away. i have an interstate battery in it right now but i will measure the levels of it to see where its at. last time it ran normal was before it was not used for the 2 years. its done this ever since i got it this year. The turbo thermostat temp switch is unplugged since it atomatically say its overheating. thats how i got it. would that be causing the problem? if so are there cross references for that part at all? please let me know

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    Any ideas im trying to get this thing up and going?

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    That is a really weird condition. Did you confirm that your battery is strong enough... is cranking with enough volts?
    So no other trouble indicators on the display? Have you checked our grounds?

    That thermoswitch on the rear side of the exhaust manifold (with single wire) is an exhaust overheat safety switch. The ski will run fine with it unplugged, you just won't have that safety anymore. So when you plug it in it triggers overheat? But when unplugged it doesn't, right? For troubleshooting, I'd leave it unplugged until you get this issue sorted.

    When it is running for that short time, is the RPMs limited? Sounds like it probably doesn't even run long enough to warm up. The ECU will limit RPMs under certain conditions... and based on the RPM limit, we might be able to narrow down on the issue.

    Here is the troubleshooting guide for stalls and won't restart
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wish I could be more help.

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