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    gpr riding convenience questions.

    couple random questions

    Im trying to get an anchor on board. I don't need a big time anchor, but don't want the kind you fill with rocks and sand. Im trying to keep it out of the front bucket. Can I relocate the fire extinguisher and its case up in the front next to the tank under the handle bar system, get another fire extinguisher case and put a folding grapel hook anchor (3 pound) in there? Then I can put a rope with a hook on it under the front bucket. Think that will work? Id be worried about the anchor banging around in its case. Any ideas? Ill only be using by docks in slow moving current, less than 10 feet of water.

    Also I read somewhere about someone trying to use their choke cable as a sort of cruise control for the throttle. I don't see how that would work but has anyone come up with any contraption to make that work?

    Also the battery vent tube with its fitting outside of the battery tray just fills up with water, can I delete that and just use a nut and bolt in the hole to plug it up? Im running a sealed battery and don't see why that would be a problem.

    Also when docking do you guys use those pwc bumpers when your tied up at a restaurant or something? You like the ones with the suction cups or just tie them over the ski somehow?

    Thanks guys.

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    As far as it flopping around, find the anchor you like and rivet a strap into your bucket to secure it.

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