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Thread: is this normal

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    is this normal

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ID:	277389I have the motor out going thru thing and when I removed the front oil screen this is how it looked. I kinda worried and would like to hear if I should take oil tank down and look at bearings or just put back together

    Please let me hear something

    non metalic, some is rubber? ,and the aluminum is sort of like thick foil....

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    although quite a bit... all that material is normal stuff you will find in the pump screen.
    It protects the pump from the large debris. Your oil is then filtered by your oil filter before hitting the bearings so your bearings will be fine.

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    It does seem to be a bit excessive. Is this a new ski? Is it still in the break in process? The rubber is probabbly excess silicone applied to seal the cases. The rest might be caused by moving parts with tight clearences.

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    did you have a prop unscrew? if so the rubber is the driveshaft hat rubber boot thing. This same thing happened to me.

    When the prop unscrews all the thrust from the prop pushing water puts all the force on the driveshaft and crankshaft. That force destroys the rubber boot and it ends up on the front screen. also in a very short time it eats your thrust washer and destroys the crank and block.

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