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    what to upgrade next ?

    Will finally get to try out my RXP with the new X charger, 42's and 15/20r solas later in the week. My question what is the next upgrade that I should make to the ski ?

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    external i/c if you do not already have but you will also need a rrfpr and wideband to monitor your afrs

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    What other mods do you currently have on the ski?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    What other mods do you currently have on the ski?

    no other mods, not looking for higher top speed but would like stronger acceleration and reduced cavitation

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    I would suggest a grate with girdle kit and a pump shoe insert. I run a Riva grate, but if you aren't just looking for top speed you may prefer a R&D Aquavein grate better. Whatever you choose, get the girdle kit and pump shoe insert. You don't want anything tearing out at the speeds you should be seeing with the X-charger. You also need an upgraded intake if you are going to run those 42's. I like the results I got with the 4" fizzle but a rear intake would work fine if you're not concerned about water ingestion.

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