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    Need a good reputable crank shop

    I got a 1100zxi from my buddy who had the motor built by a guy down in Texas. The crank was done by a shop in Michigan. It has Hot Rods, Wiseco pistons, some port work, Cool Head, Exhaust mods, extended steer tube, and some others I am forgetting. The motor has never ran right. I started playing with it and found the crank phase is way out of wack. I'm kinda new to the performance stuff. I need some suggestions on where to send the crank to get assembled properly. Thanks Nick

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    Curious....who was the shop in Michigan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ut1volsman View Post
    Curious....who was the shop in Michigan?
    I'm not sure yet. My buddy couldn't remember. It was probably five years ago or better when it was done. He is going to see if he can find the paperwork on it. I just got a degree wheel and it and it was like 145 120 and 95 degrees. I can't beleve it even ran at all!

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    There is a place in Tempe, AZ called Crank Works I have been told is pretty good. But, they are pretty expensive. I already had parts for part of my 1100 crank and it was still going to be another $750 on top of that.

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    I talked to a local shop. Crank Works came up in conversation. The guy that owns Crank Works used to work for him. He is going to give me a price tomorrow. Sounds like if it is going to be too much he is going to sell me a crank from Hot Rods for cost. I think if it is going to be 75% or higer than a new one I will get the new one. I can't wait to get this thing running right. I think it should be pretty fast!

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