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    2000 gp1200r throttle sticking.

    Hello everybody I'm a newbie to this forum and to this ski. I just bought a 2000 gp1200 took it out for the first time everything seemed great it didn't launch hard it cavitated and I had feather the throttle everything else great.

    Week two my father took it to the shore ran all day with mine and my mother rode hers all day. He said the throttle stuck a little after being used a little and then start up. Ok I read about this thanks to all you guys it probably one of the carb bushing. Since he used most of the fuel I decided to take it up the creek and pull it and fill it. Put the ski back in throttle was sticking a very little. I rode around the bay to see if it still did I it nothing. Rode for about 30 min I was up a back creek and went to take off and the ski would not get up on plain. So I check the grate three time nothing. On the fourth time just sitting in the water pissed I felt around everywhere and felt a small rubber gasket. Knew what that was thanks to the fourm. So I knew the the shoe gasket was shot and that was prob the issue with not getting on top of the water so I hoped back on gave it throttle and put all my weight possible on the front and she finally put the nose down and got on top of the water. Shot across the bay pulled on the beach. Let it sit about 10 min got back on to pull it out and once started it pinned about 4500rpm on start without touching the throttle. I brought it back to the house to flush it waited about an hour with the seat off to cool down and still hi rev. So we packed up the shore house and were heading back home another two hours later i finally got time to flush it aging and it was still stuck open. I was able to play with the throttle enought to get it to slow down and flush it but everywhere I read it says that the bushing after a some time will release and the throttle will be norm again. Mines not

    Did some more research bought a pump shoe seal kit and a r&d grate. Have an appointment on Monday Tuesday to have a guy in cherry hill take the carbs apart. After thinking a little more if it was a heat issue with the bushing It should be ok by now but we are almost a week later and I started it to an open throttle. Do you guys think it is the bushing or something else. The throttle comes back on the pulley.

    The ski has a d plate, oil pump removed.
    If any body has any ideas to help please let me know. I'm desperate I don't want to dump money i don't have in this.

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    Thanks for the link that is exactly what I thought the problem was but a week has gone by and it still starts at a high idle. Think it is still just bound up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aj10523 View Post
    Think it is still just bound up?

    Trace the throttle cable to where it attaches to the wheel on the carburetor bank. It is attached to the wheel on the 1st carburetor throttle shaft. You should be able to see the wheel when you pull the throttle trigger. Grab the wheel with your fingers if you can, and you will be able to close the valve. You should have to turn the wheel clockwise.

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    When it was hot the cable had play in it at the wheel but now that it is cold the wheel snaps back and the cable is tight. But I'm assuming you are not talking about throttle to wheel? The wheel is back to the idle position.

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