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    2000 virage bogging down after new fuel hoses.

    I just purchased a 2000 virage 700 single carb with 190 hours on it. It ran well for first tank of gas, then I read all about it here on this forum and ended up putting new fuel hoses in. It had the grey tempo, probably original, they didn't look bad inside either. I also washed inside the hull with the purple power/water slosh method. I put about gallons total of combination of purple power and water in and drove up and down local hill jamming on brakes and stomping the throttle to slosh it around. It worked well to loosen up gunk and then I washed it out with a garden hose. I pulled the plugs and they looked good so put them back in. Checked compression, 150 in both. Voltage on MFI shows 12.6 while cranking and up to 15 while running.
    I filled up with premium and seafoam and polaris oil and hit the lake for another round. It started right up and would only get up to about 4000 rpm. It sounded like it was hitting on one, this only happens for the first minute or so. It suddenly takes off and runs fine for however long i want to run it. I pull up to the beach sit for half hour or so and same thing, easy start, blubbering at half mast for a bit then off she goes.
    I thought for sure it was electrical so I pulled battery and double checked connections and dressed up the main ground to motor. I did open the electrical box, but didn't see anything out or order.I didn't find a smoking gun so off to the lake again. First time starts up and runs great. I stop for awhile and then it does the same thing as before. I hit the bilge button while its dogging and sometimes it works and others not. It has fired right up when sitting for a shorter period of time, Nothing seems to be consistent.
    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Very similar to the problem I am having. i have left a post hoping for some suggestions

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    Just curious if you tried shutting your fuel off when you stop?
    Have you trimmed back the plug wires (if it has that type)?

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