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    my throttle wont stay in position

    so, i just got this 06 speedster wake, and the throttles will not stay where you put them like my older seadoo boat i just sold.

    is there a way to tighten them so they will stay up or at least where i set them at, anything less than full throttle they fall down to idle position, meaning i have to hold them the entire time i am boating, which gets old. thanks,

    06 speedster wake 430hp model twin 215's

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    so, i took off the 4 screws to the plate on top, found a pressure screw on each side, one for the forward reverse lever and opposite side for the starboard engine, how do you tighten the center throttle? it was the sloppiest one,

    i jury rigged it, by cutting a sliver of metal off a fuse and cramming it down between plastics that the throttle slides on and it worked great.

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