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    6 degree pump wedge and ride plate

    I have a 2001 Virage TXi and have heard that adding a 6 degree pump wedge and ride plate will give me about 3 mph on the top end. Where is the best place to get those parts is it hard to install and will it slow down my holeshot and bottom end. what about towing a tube would i still be able to, and are there any other down sides. Thanks

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    What ride plate are you referring to? Stock or aftermarket?

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    A 6 degree wedge and an OP plate might get you 2-3 MPH, at the expense of a little rough water handling.

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    i was thinking of an after market one, but if it wont add much in the way of performance then i would just stick with the stock ride plate, are there any o rings or gaskets that should be changed with the 6 degree wedge.

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    stick with what you got,the 6 wedge will really bring the nose up when you tow.the stock plate works better with a stock 4 wedge than a 6 anyway

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