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    XP 02 carb problem?

    I try to make my best to explain the problem. No one have been able to repair my ski even the dealer. I really need an input.
    2002 XP 951 engine, all part are stock.
    I've already rebuilt the carb. Jetting are stock. I use a pump to check leak and other stuff, every thing seam to the specs.
    I've made a leak test of the crankcase, it was ok.
    Spark plug brand new.

    now, the problem is :
    idle is good
    1/8 throttle good
    1/2 to 3/4 run really bad, if I snap throttle, engine don't accelerate immediacy. Engine could die.
    7/8 throttle, engine seam to be good.
    WOT, engine reach 7k rpm, but I can ear the engine knock ( I ear little click click pic)
    When at wot, I pull the choke a little, knock stop
    I've try to bypass fuel valve, it change noting.
    Fuel filter is clean.
    Engine compression is good.

    So I'm thinking the carb main jet are to lean? If all engine componement are stock, why should I rejet the carb?
    Could it be the pulse signal? How can I check that?
    What pressur should bee the gaz after the fuel pump?

    Any imput? I'm really out of idea! I'm thinking of rebuild the carb again...

    thank you

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    Ok, update, I've block all the coolant hose and push some air in the coolant systeme. air where bleeding by the exaust. How can I locate the bleeding?

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    Exhaust manifold to cylinder gasket ?? Exhaust manifold to head pipe gasket??

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    The fitting right down identified by "loop" il bleeding inside the pipe. So I don't know if the pipe is broken or if it a gascket. I will pull out the engine tonight.

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    That lower fitting on that loop will bleed air the way you have have it... Just cap the upper nipple... That middle nipple is the injection nipple and should pass water into the exhausr pipe..

    If that is your only leak - then you do not have a leak!!

    If your issue is at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle - check your accel pump and pump nozzles for a decent squirt...
    Blow through your main Jet and passages - they may be partly clogged (remove your HS screws and blow they through)
    Test your pop-off and compare to spec.. Check your main jet size to spec too..

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