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    Thoughts of buying a Msx from owners

    I think this is the best place to ask, Thoughts of buying a MSX, I do tinker and seem to get into projects, I know these machines are a love/hate thing. but would you recommend one or should I be smart and but a honda or sea doo 4stroke, Iv'e owned many 2 stroke machines and understand them, but I like forced induction and want a try of 4stroke stuff, I am a speed and power person so that matters too. Thanks for your thoughts

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    Which MSX model are you asking about?

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    Since he mentioned 4-strokes, I am thinking he is asking about the 110/150s.

    When they work right, they are tons of fun. They are upgradable to bigger turbos/more boost. When they break, they can be a pain in the rear to diagnose without the digital wrench software. They will pull a skiier, tuber, wake-boarder without a fuss. New parts are expensive, certain used parts can be hard to come by. These things were only made for a year, however due to the snow-mobiles using the same engine, you don't have to worry about not being able to repair them. They have their own quirkynesses you need to read about here or figure out.

    Bottom line, I love mine!!!

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    I'm thinking of a MSX 150 as it's 40hp up on the 110 off the bat and I know I will want to play with tuning and mods and I'm thinking of a fst also for a sled as I just sold my other one. Is digital wrench software big money becasue that will drive me nuts going to the dealer to read a code, Thanks for all the imput

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    Digital Wrench is only available to authorized Polaris dealers and while most Polaris dealers have DW, many don't have the cables for DW to hook to a PWC... or the knowledge to work on Polaris PWC anymore.

    I can't yet attest to the awesomeness of the MSX150... still awaiting parts to finish rebuilding mine. But due to their quirkiness and known issues and lack of dealer support, you can sometimes find nice machines that are fixable with the right know how pretty cheap. That's how I got mine.

    Good hunting!

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    Not a lot of mods for the msx, when compared to sea doo and yamaha, to play with.

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    I like mine so far, 2003 MSX 140.. But its still new to me. Pretty reasonable on fuel consumption

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