Hey Guys,
Have my RXP up for sale,.....caught in a divorce, no BS sale.
Bought a boat in Oct 08 and this has been sitting in the garage since.
Tried to sell, but we all know what happened in 2008.
So, now with the divorce, comes the "liquidation" of assets,.......

Here's the specs

Excellent condition:
Brand new single trailer, (white)
Fuel / Oil changed

The mods: 2006 RXP - 60 hours +/- (25 hours with mods)
UMI steering
Solas 15/20 prop
OPAS removed and RE block offs installed, still have OPAS parts
3 inch Riva intake
Riva racing intake grate
Pirannha IC
Jerry rebuilt my clutch washers and Super Charger
42 lb Fuel injectors
Solid Engine Mount
New wear ring, less than 10 hours on ring
Water box Mod
Thru-Hull Exhaust
Custom Seat cover
Wake tower mod
Catch Can
Strainer on water intake installed

I prefer email as I don't check the forums that much any longer, just trying to piece my life back together in Orange County, CA
[email protected]

I will post up some pics soon, or I can email them to you
Here's the original post with pics, nothing has changed,...just don't ride it