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    check engine light???

    there is a ski for sale locally that is supposed to run good, but check engine light is it possibly an easy/stupid fix? not very familiar with machine but was wondering if "its usually.....xxxx.....causing this" situation...its a 2000 Kawasaki 1100 STX di Jetski ...thanks for any help!

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    Most common cause....bad EMM, the bane of kawasaki Direct Injection ski's. Water cooled Emm and as they get older have a high failure rate. I personally never had any good results with repaired ones, but some people here have. Last I checked a new one was $1200+ at the parts counter.....steve

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    yowza!...guess we'll just avoid that one....noticed your addy, I've done some bowhunting not that far from you, great place!

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    I have the same ski, and the EMM's going bad is a VERY common problem. I just got my EMM back from EFI this week and fortunately she runs now, but unfortunately the cost to repair the EMM is nearly what I paid for the ski.
    Also the aftermarket support for them almost seems like its non-existent, and personally I'm looking at upgrading in the very near future, so I'd say keep looking for a different model.

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