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    09 sho...any issues?

    hopefully going to check one of these out today...anything in particular on this machine to look for? thanks!

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    How many hours? Visually I would check to see how the engine looks. Chances are, if its clean on the outside than its clean on the inside. I would ask the owner for a quick test run just to make sure the ski runs ok. Also, inspect the pump and perhaps do a compression check.

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    Yes how many hours? As mentioned; inspect it carefully and a test ride is critical.
    Crawl under the trailer and inspect the hull carefully for any signs of repairs or damage too.
    Sometimes you can get a PWC mechanic to check things out for a small fee.

    Buying a used ski is a crap shoot; some of these things are well maintained, others have been beat to death by teenagers and neglected so ya gotta be careful as the 4 strokes can be very expensive to repair; the parts alone can cost a small fortune.

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    hey guys, thanks for replies!!...All good advice, most of which I'm aware of, I guess I meant specifically to this an rxt I have, the washers need to have been redone or go boom!...thanks again, unfortunately, looks like it might not happen with this one...listing person is not getting back, either was bs or sold I'm guessing...

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