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    Angry makes my blood boil, pedophile

    this from my local newspaper. there should be no law to protect these kinds of people. it is absolutely horrible what this man and his girlfriends did.

    'Horrific' child porn investigation continues to unfold
    By TIMOTHY LOGUE, [email protected]

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    As residents of Colwyn and Collingdale were coming to terms with horrific allegations of child rape against one of their neighbors, county detectives were fielding more than a dozen calls Friday from people with new information or questions about John Worman.

    "We have received about 15 additional calls from the public with information our detectives and FBI personnel will be looking into," said Delaware County District Attorney G. Michael Green.

    Worman, 39, is accused of sexually assaulting at least 12 children in his motherís basement in the 100 block of Walnut Street in Colwyn and at his girlfriendís home in the 400 block of Westmont Drive in Collingdale.

    Arrested last February, he is charged with raping at least a dozen children -- one just 3 months old -- and dozens of counts of producing and possessing child pornography.

    Two former girlfriends, Dorothy Prawdzik, 43, of Drexel Hill, and Concetta "Connie" Jackson, 44, who lived in the Westmont Drive home, are accused of filming and photographing Worman as he performed sex acts on the children.

    Along with Worman, who was originally scheduled to be tried in Delaware County this month, the women were named in a federal indictment and face charges that could put them in prison for life.

    Authorities say more than one million child pornography images and thousands of videos were recovered after a personal computer, laptop and several hard drives were confiscated from the Walnut Street home Feb. 3, 2006.

    "Itís pretty disgusting and upsetting," said Charles Zierle, who lives two doors down from the Westmont Drive house Worman shared with Jackson, who ran a babysitting service out of the home. "My wife never had a good feeling about that man."

    Patty Zierle was so concerned, she reportedly once asked Worman if he should be registered as a sex offender.

    "I checked out the Web site of the state police to see if he was listed as an offender," Mr. Zierle said. "I donít know if he had any prior (convictions), but he wasnít on there."

    Green said Worman had "access" to his victims, some of whom were dropped off at the Westmont Drive home for babysitting. "Thereís no evidence he was roaming the streets," Green said.

    Another Westmont Drive neighbor, Kenn Christian, kept a journal of what he heard and observed while living in the adjoining row home to Worman and Jackson.

    "I talked to Kenn quite a few times and he told me about the stuff he was hearing through the walls and the pictures of the kids they were taking out back," another Westmont Drive resident told the Daily Times. "He definitely went to police and they said they couldnít do anything without some kind of proof.

    "Thatís when they told him to keep a record of everything."

    Green said authorities have obtained Christianís journal. He added that his office would only be pursuing the "contact offenses" against Worman involving physical sexual contact while federal prosecutors would handle the charges lodged against all three defendants for producing and possessing child pornography.

    "We look at every participant in this as very seriously involved and excuse none of the behavior," said U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan. "But Worman was definitely the straw that stirred the drink, which is why he was picked up right away."

    Meehan said Worman was "part of a global network of predators who are trading images and finding each other in the course of exploiting children.

    "Itís almost as if there is a value in each and every image and the ages of the victims are getting younger and younger."

    A Walnut Street resident who knows Worman and his mother said he was totally blindsided when he learned of his neighborís secret life.

    "I knew John and he seemed to be a real normal guy," said the man, who requested anonymity. "I would see him when I was cutting my grass and he was out cutting his. If someone was out working on their car he would come out and help."

    The man, who was planning to visit Wormanís mother Friday night, said he never saw any hint that Worman was spending time with, much less abusing, children.

    "My wife asked me if I could remotely conceive of John being involved in something like this and I said, ĎNo.í When I asked my kids about it, they were just as shocked as I was."

    The investigation began in January 2006 when a 19-year-old woman came forward and alleged Worman sexually abused her. County Detective John Kelly and Children and Youth Services caseworker Molli Mullen interviewed the woman, who said Worman photographed and videotaped their meetings, which took place over a five-year period until she was 15.

    "I think heís a pig and (the women) should be held accountable along with him," said a Westmont Drive resident. "I donít think you can cure people who do sickening stuff like that to little children."

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    Cut his fingers off,one every hour then start on his toes till he bleeds to death!

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    i have another appendage in mind....

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    he had one million images and video's of what he did.

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    I truly believe that there is a very special level of Hell for people like this. I hope it involves being ass-raped with a pineapple on a regular basis.

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