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    Burned Holed in MAG piston Agian????

    Im new to this PWC stuff and was wondering if someone might be able to help?
    I bought a 95 SL 750 for $100 on craigs. the motor had a bent rod on the PTO side. so i bought a new piston and crank installed, checked compression, deleted oil pump and went premix, life was good for the first test run. well when i gort home the lake i noticed that i never hooked the return line back to the tank so i replaced the hose and pitched the restrictor not knowing. well my mistake cost me the first piston. well i bought a new piston, triple pump new hoses and made a new restrictor with a mikuni jet that i seen on this forum. And yesterday i was messing around the lake things seem fine until i decided to see what kind of speed i could get and i saw 50mph and then it went to low power and then i knew what happened. what should be done before i blow another piston? i plan to go through the carbs, but should i jet up since i run premix? the plug chop looked good on the pto and center piston? and when i pulled the heads off those two had oil residue on them so i think those two are getting good fuel. but it seems the MAG side is falling short at constant WOT? Also are there any major adjustments that need to be made when upgrade to triple pump? thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Take a look at this link - It contains the answers to your questions......

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