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    Can anyone help?

    Im new to this site. I have a 99 gsxl. I can start it up on the trailer out of the water and it runs fine. I hook it up to the hose or back it in the water it starts to fill the hull when I start it. if I just let it set in the water its fine also. I found the water is filling up the engine and hydrolocking it. I took the exhaust off and it had about 2 gallons of water in it. this all happens in a couple minutes. My question is, does anybody have any ideas of what this could be? Im stumped. All hoses are good I have checked them. THANKS in advance.

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    the exhaust manifold has cooling jacket inside it and the are know to leak.. A leaking head or base gasket will also fill the motor with water..

    There are several cooling hoses going to the motor any one of them could fill the hull if not porpely connected..

    Download the manual and follow the cooling diagram for the proper hose routing..

    Water runs through the cylinder and exhaust either one could be leaking..

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    Ok that was one of my questions, if the manifold could be leaking. I have the sea doo manual and made sure the hoses are routed correctly and made sure they are secure on the barbed fittings. How about the ehxhausted pipe? Is that known for cracking and leaking also?

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