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    Anyone use Star Brite TC-W3 2 stoke oil on in their PWC? Check out the test.

    I have a Yamaha XL1200 Limited, and the local Yamaha shop is always sold out of Yamalube, seems like this is a superior oil to Yamalube, and in my case $7 to $8 a gallon cheaper. Was wondering if anyone has had good luck with it?

    Here is a test run,

    For laughs

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    I liked it. Seemed to burn pretty clean.

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    If the dealer is always out of yamalube,why don't they order it in bulk,my dealer buys it by the 55gal drum and if u bring your own jug its $22 a gallon

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    I live in the middle of know where, and customer service stinks. I ordered the Star Bright at 1pm yesterday from Overtons and it just arrived. Free Fed x shipping ( One day shipping crazy ). Next nearest Yamaha Dealer was a hour away and also sold out of Yamalube. No one has the 55 gallon drums around here, and only stock limited number of gallons. And they run out on Nive weekends when I can pick it up due to work....

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