I'm looking for a Crankshaft for my 98 SLTH 700 twin. I have 3 "cores" if any rebuilders are interested in a trade.

1 from a 98 SLTH 700 twin. Bearings are in great shape 1 bad rod

1 from a 97 SL 700 twin. Rods look brand new They are SBT with the pins welded in place. One bearing is shot on the center web. The rest aren't bad, but I wouldn't reuse them. I bought the motor last year and It looks like they replaced the rods but scimped on replacing the bearings.

I wanted to just swap the good parts between the two to make a good one but I don't have the tools.

The 3rd is from a 98 SLTX 1050 and it has 1 bad rod but the bearings are good.