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    WTB Stock SHO plate modded by Jim's Performance & a FXSHO ECU with a R-1 Re-flash.

    Please PM pics and how much you are asking. Also give me a good description of your item. I may even consider a R&D C-1 wheel for the right price. Thank you.

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    PM Sent

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    Changed my mind! I am looking for a R-2 or R-3 flashed Ecu for a FX SHO.

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    Bump Jim's modded stock SHO plate for now, might just wait til winter for the rest unless a really good deal pops up.

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    i told you i have one . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02gpR View Post
    i told you i have one . . . .
    Still waiting on pics, and we never figured out price & shipping, but we can figure that out if you want.

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