Im pretty excited to say the least. I feel I have one of the best in the industry helping me out and doin the build. Many of you guys on here know of or have had stuff done by Eric @ SpeedFreeks. Eric has helped me all summer try and find a nice ski and havent found any so Eric offered to help build me the baddest machine. The hull is over by Erics and part of the turbo kit is already mocked up. Once Eric finishes the turbo kit we will remove the turbo kit and the old hurt 06 motor and I will take the ski to my shop and do what we do best, the body work and paint. Then it will go back to Erics for the new motor and rest of the goodies. Next time I go by Erics Ill takes some pics of the ski now and create a build thread. Its gonna be a long winter knowing Ill have a new killer toy to test come april,
Im hoping for speeds in the high 80s to low 90s.