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    96 Wave Venture 760 fuel delivery issue

    A couple weeks back my ski ran out of gas in the main tank while the daughter was riding. Since then I have been unable to keep it running. First thought it was vaporlocked, but got through that - got it started by removing the breather and placing a rag over the carbs. Ran fine on the hose for several minutes. Turned her off and let her sit for an hour only to have the same issue. For some reason the fuel seems to be moving back to the main tank (fuel filter dry) and I cannot figure it out. Hoping someone has ran into similar issues (and it is an easy fix!)

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    It sounds like its not holding fuel pressure. You need to pressure check your fuel system. Take the hose of the return line off your carbs, hold your finger over the nipple from the carbs return line, blow into the hose. You should see your gas tank sorta inflate. Hold the pressure on the hose with your other hand, if it has a leak you should be able to locate it at this point. If it doesnt hold pressure, and you cant see or hear a leak, check the one-way valve into the fuel tank. You can take it off, and you should be able to blow through it in one direction but not the other. Remember to re-install it with the arrow pointing towards the fuel tank.

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