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Thread: 1999 ultra ?

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    1999 ultra ?

    I picked up a 1999 ultra what spark plugs do I need. vin on haul # is 42480d999. I here the $$$$ ones or the cheap ones. please help

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    NGK BR9ES can get them almost any parts store auto zone, advanced discount auto parts etc.

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    The changeover was HIN # 41803. You can use the cheap plugs.

    Take a look at your oil lines to make sure they're not brittle/cracked. Better idea is to replace them with polyurethane hose and secure with stainless safety wire.

    Inspect the cable for the oil pump. It will often fray badly where it goes over the pulley.

    Look into installing the Triple Pisser Mod, very worthwhile.

    Remove the multifunction display and seal the rubber plug on the back with 3M 5200 so it doesn't leak if you flip the 'Ski.

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    ok thanks.

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