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    need help with my 99 slth ski

    i just bought a 1999 polaris slth with the red 700 motor.took to the lake and started fine rode for about 15 min idle into a no wake zone and it died.would not restart cranked battery dead.took back to shore charged battery and cleaned plugs started again rode for awhile and then stalled at idle again and would not restart.replaced plugs this time and it restarted rode for awhile and then when i turned it off would not restart.let it sit for awhile and it would start.even when it wouldnt start it had spark.took ski home ran it on hose it did same thing would start and run fine let it run for 10 min or so and turned it off then would not restart.let sit for awhile then would start.i gapped plugs at .28. after checking all connections and batt voltage could not find problem.just last resort i gapped plugs at .24 and now it seems to be running fine.restarts no question is will it be fine like this or is there a problem somewhere causing weak spark that should replace.thanks for any advice its driving me nuts

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    It sounds like its running rich. Are the plugs really wet right after it stalls and won't start? Just a tip, next time it stalls like that. Try holding the throttle wide open while your cranking it. Allowing more air to get in. See if that makes a difference. I'm new here but i'm sure someone is going to chime in and help ya out. Good luck!

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    yeh i have tried that it still doesnt start.thanks for response though

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    Check to see that the orange jumper wire update has been done on the CDI box. That should fix the warm restart issue.

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    update took it to lake tonite it was better but theres still a problem.ran fine for awhile then got where it had a hesitation at take off and hard to restart.i did get it to start but had to play with throttle and choke.after i got it home did a compression check and they both was at 120 psi.i did the orange wire update it didnt make a diff.maybe next i should tear into carbs.

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