I'm bring another 800 back to life thanks to group k. Here's a list of things I've done for the restart help me if I've forgot anything. Plan is to make it a hole shot machine down the road. With buget and winter slowly approaching want to keep some things in minds for winter upgrades. Also I have a gp1300 with the engine at machine shop.

Rebuilt 800 high compression head and ported cylinders. Everythings in engine is new except for crankcase and cylinders.
Stock pipe
stock carbs cleaned and rebuilt prok flame arresters.
Replaced all fuel lines cleaned selector switch and hopefully fixed level sensor in tank. Reglued magnet. Removed fuel tank and cleaned.
Running premix 32.1 then 40.1 Amsoil interceptor.
Removed pump inspect bearings and replaced worn wear ring. Fixed/cleaned up stock prop. Plan on skat 17/23 swirl after get it broke in.
Removed and cleaned oil tank to be filled with Amsoil.
Cleaned inside hull and buffed outside.
r and d intake grate off my 94 650.
finger throttle can't stand thumb style.