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    How much should I spend.. 2000 yamaha 1200 xl

    I wish it was a gp1200r but its not and there aren't any around here in decent condition for sale. It is pretty clean inside and out and it runs great. He has it listed for 3700.

    Also... what is a good website for aftermarket performance parts for this? I want to get some nice acceleration my friend works on skis and he can do all the work for me. I have never had a yamaha so I don't know what I would do with it.
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    Where are you located? I have an 01 gp1200r that I am thinking about selling.

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    rochester ny. looking for something that is nice and clean with no cracks or dings on top. buying something this friday when i get paid.

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    The pricing all depends on where you live,I see 1200r all the time here in Florida under $3500.I know your anxious,but u might be better off lookin out of state since $3700 is a lot to spend,especially when u really want something else

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    I am near Toledo, OH. That is probably a bit far I would guess. My ski is clean though, with a few of the needed mods. It will probably need the carbs cleaned though, as I havn't had it out yet this year.

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    Can't quite make out on pic if it says "Limited" on rear side decal. if it does it will have the 155bhp motor with power valves. That'll give you much better platform to start tuning than the standard XL 1200 (which it could be if it was 1999 registered in 2000). The XL only put out 120bhp, which means you'll have to spend money to achieve the power of the "Limited", before you start to make it go even quicker! Hope this helps. Cheers, Dave.

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    Put up some high res pics artsnow i'd go to ohio ive made that trip before.

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    I can send you some pics this evening when I get off work. I can send them to your e-mail or phone, whichever you prefer. Let me know.

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    That is an xll 1200 with the pv motor, I like that seat cover definatly after market. If it is low hours that is probably not a bad price, maybe just on the high side. I would do the following to it if it doesnt already have them done.
    D plate and chip ( to remove cat con )

    Rejet carbs and add aftermarket flame arrestors or modify your stock breather

    Check fuel pickup in tank, the reserve pickup tube can touch end of baffle and block itself causing lean condition when in reserve, also if the reserve and on hoses have been swaped the lean condition will happen when fuel is in on position.

    These are more reliability mods in my opinion, but they increase top end about 3mph, and help acceleration.

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    Most of your carb questions should be answered here,

    I would also do the drilled return mod to the carbs, there is also a sticky for that.

    That ski also has aftermarket sponsons, if it has those it may already have some of the other mods done.

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