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    Newbie needs Electrical Advise

    Hello, first off, here is my newbie information -

    Where u from? Illinois
    what kind of ski - Polaris SLX
    what year - 1999
    what kind of engine - 1050
    how many hours on the meter? - 18
    how long did it sit - not sure thinking a long time - Purchased in summer 2011
    any new/modified parts on it - No
    recent tune-ups or rebuild - none.
    general history of the ski if you know - sat a lot. pretty sure everything is stock on it. no updates or mods.
    price - 2000
    comes with trailer? - no
    live on water? - no
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water - lake water only.
    compression numbers? - didn't record. mechanic took them.
    does it run? - it has ran for me in the past.
    Pictures,videos? - coming.
    mechanical knowledge - zip.
    tools - basic tools, electrical meter. batery meter.

    I have been reading this forum for the past couple weeks and have found it to be full of good information and lots of people that really seem to know Polaris machines well. I purchased a 1999 Polaris 1050 SLX last summer with only about 14 hours on it. I am not sure I believe the hours on the mfd but that's what it said. The ski is very clean. I made a stupid mistake of purchasing without riding ( never again). it started and ran fine out of the water, once in the water it started very hard. it did that for first couple times I had it out. recently , I took it out and I could not get it to start, battery was low after trying for a while and after inspection I saw that the battery was most likely almost 5 yrs old. so I replaced with a new one. after trying for a while, it did start and ran great taking it out twice on the lake. about an hour later tried to start again and wouldn't start. no spark. I have read the threads here about the electrical system problems with this year of Polaris. I have checked the battery with a meter on the battery while cranking and get over 11 volts , so I think battery is good. I checked the number on the cdi and based on info I found here looks like the parts are all original ( ie it's an original cdi part number, no hand writing on front or back of it) So my question is, should I try to do the ignition update kit. Provided that I can still find one? i plan on running through the tests in the manual that will determine if the stator is bad or not, but from what I have heard, sounds like I would want to update it anyway. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

    James Sweeney

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    Hi James,Welcome to Green Hulk.
    I think your first test should be to verify you have at least 10.5 volts on the red/pur CDI wire while cranking.

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    also look at the cdi box itself to see if it has a serial port on one end.the updated ignitions had that and some of the 99's had the update from the factory.sitting for that long,i'm betting the carbs need going thru and the fuel lines replaced.

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    Hey, thanks for the quick responses and advice guys!! I had a mechanic go through the carbs and I think they are fine. When it ran it ran like a champ. I will check the volts on the Red/pur wire to make sure I have at least 10.5. Thanks. I will also check for the serial port. bye the way , I am not mechanically inclined at all. I do have a father in law that will be helping me with any mechanical work, ie replacing the stator if needed, ect.

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