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    Jet pump anchor bolts help

    Hi guys, did a jetpump rebuild on a project boat, but encountered an unusual problem, the bolts that anchor in the pump That are attached to THe boat

    are stripped or cross threaded, what is the best and easiest way to remove these and replace? Thanks

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    If you told us what kind of ski it was it may help? Just thinking.

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    It's not a ski, it's a 2005 seadoo speedster! Same 4 tec engine and pump as many other models of ski

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    Still nobody knew what you had.

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    You'd think replacing these bolts wasn't an uncommon task!! I sees few diff ways to do it, ie hammering the bolts out, but not sure if this is the recommended way. :/

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    There should be nuts on the inside of the boat that hold the studs in. Once you get the nut off the stud should just pull out. If there is a bunch of sealant it may require a tap with a punch. You can buy new studs for about $10.

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    Sounds like the nuts are spinning on the inside of the pump shoe if that is the case you will need a new shoe or if you can acsses the back side a pair of vise grips might save the day had a similare issue on my buddy rxpx from the dealer over touque them and cracking the pump shoe on 3 of the 4 sides letting water seep in.

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