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    can you help me ID this part ? picture added

    I have a 2003 fx140 with 250 hours. The last 5 hours it hasn't been accelerating like it used to, and then I found a leak in this rubber joint on the exhaust and pried the crack open a little bit to inspect it. Now it only goes 30mph, I think backpressure might be escaping from the leak? A small amount of water shoots out when reving the engine if that means anything. Anyway I wanted to see if some experienced eyes could help me ID this part so I can order it. The first pic is looking down from the back left corner of the main engine compartment. Thanks guys

    edit: a little more background info might help. This is my first ski and I've owned it for 2 months. It worked like a champ at first, hitting its 54mph gps top speed. One day at the beach it wouldn't restart so I had to tow it back in. I took the spark plugs out and sure enough there was water in the cylinders, so I went through the procedure and got new plugs and replaced the oil which was milk chocolate color. It turns out there was a big crack on the bow that was letting a lot of water in the hull. It worked OK after fixing the issues but it was only hitting around 48mph and acceleration wasn't as good. That's when I saw the exhaust rubber crack in the picture and pried it open a little bit to look at it and it will only go 7k out of 10k rpm and only 30mph. I cant imagine that its a coincidence that the first time I took it out after making the exhaust crack worse it will only go 30mph, but im not sure.

    Compression in all cylinders is right around ~182psi and all 4 spark plugs look the same.

    I think it might be part # 31 on the list on the link below but i'm not sure?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Compression is not that great. A healthier engine should be closer to 200-205 but all of them being the same is good news!

    Crack in the bow is not how you got water in the engine, you got water when the ski was towed!

    I would also check the oil to make sure you won't need another oil change, how many time did you change the oil?

    Did you do the compression check after you weren't hitting more than 30 mph? or is it when you first fixed it by changing oil?

    Could it be you got a defective plug even though its new?

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    I agree with Reza, you will have got that water in while being towed......always clamp off the cooling inlet hose when under tow. Compression is not that great, but is well within spec.
    If plugs are new & good, then I would say the cause could well be that exhaust leak...........the engine will be breathing in exhaust fumes.......hard to say for sure, can't really tell the size of the leak just by looking at the pics.
    I am not 100% sure of the exhaust layout on a 2003 FX, put am pretty sure part #31 is not the correct part.......that goes on the 90 degree bend at the front of the motor. Can't really make out the part on the diagram though. If there is a leak, that joint will need replacing, but you could take it for a quick run in very calm water with no seat on......see if that makes a difference.

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