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    What size o-ring for 1997 GP1200 drain plug?

    I've got a 1997 GP1200 that I bought earlier in the summer. Noticed that it slowly takes on water after 2-3 hours on the water. Turns out, it's missing one of the o-rings on the drain plug. I can find replacement plug assemblies online for like $10, but I'd rather just replace the o ring, since the plug is otherwise fine. My waverunners are a couple hours away at my brother-in-law's this week, and I forgot to try measuring. Anybody know off-hand what size ring it needs?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Nobody's replaced an o ring on these things?

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    If it wasn't dark out I would go measure. I will tomorrow if I get home at a decent time.

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    Thanks, akjose. Did you get a chance to measure?

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    Nope but I will go do it now.
    ID 15.5mm or 0.611 in
    OD 21.57 mm or 0.849 in
    Thickness 2.86mm or .112 in

    I measures ID of plug and prong and try we're both the same.

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