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    2012 North Texas Shake & Bake Splashdown

    Well here it is folks, the North Texas Shake & Bake Splashdown is the 2nd race in the 2012 Texas Outlaw Watercraft Racing series. This event will be at Collin Park Marina on Lavon Lake in Wylie, TX. We had a great time at the 2012 Outlaw Roundup and saw some good friends and old racers there, we hope to see you all again as well as some new racers! There will not be a host hotel this time due to some issues with the local hotel but i would recommend the Motel 6 in Plano TX (a racer stayed there at the last race and liked it), it is only about 10-15min from the race site.

    Everything will remain the same as the last race but we are going to plan on starting later, everyone tended to mozy in late in the morning last time and it turned out very well so i'm going to say practice and everything is going to start around 10-ish.

    I'm trying to work on the course...Joe doesn't want to move the swim area over any further so we are again a little limited on space, i can either keep working on a new course to fit the area or i can use the same course layout as last time, your input?

    You can find out more info on our website at

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    This is great to see another event being put on after hearing so many good things about the first one. I am happy to see more events being offered to the racers. The year is so long when the race seasons are so short. Hopefully this can be a positive in the world of PWC racing and can bring more interest from racers and spectators to a sport that so many of us love to compete in. If nothing else we get to race more and be better trained for the larger stage races. I spend this much on a race ski that I can only use a few times a year. Having the added events makes me feel much better about my investment.
    Unfortunately I will not be able to make this one either due to being offshore but I wish you the best and I recommend anyone interested to attend. Even if not racing get out there to watch and show your support of our sport. I like that promotors are offering more events for us as racers and race fans so lets support them by attending the events no matter where you are.

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    OK folks only a few weeks away!!! Are you coming?!

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    Races are this weekend. There is a great deal of exctitement among the racers. Sounding like it will be another great event with some good times and great racing. Head on out and support the racers and TOWR. The only reason I will not be there is because of work.

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