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    Do I have to bore the cyl?

    I have a 97 GP 1200 that has a bad PTO piston. The walls of the Cyl do not have any bad marks. I feel the wall smoth. My question is.... Do I have to bore that cyl or can I just clean it and install a new standar size piston in it? The cause of the failure was a bad crank gasket. I do not have a lot of money so I was thinking the following:
    A rebuild crank from SBT $395.00
    A new piston $69.00
    and new set of gaskets $89.00
    That keeps me in the budget that I have and will aloow me to get the ski back on the water in about a week.

    Thank you

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    Some pics of cylinder would help but more importantly what size is the cylinder before you put a std piston in. Read some more about sbt then you make up your mind.

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    why do you think you need a crank again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vdubspeed View Post
    why do you think you need a crank again?
    Yea, you should at least inspect it before making that determination.

    How exactly did the piston fail? Seizure? Usually you need to go up a bore size in that case. At minimum you should get a hone, but when a piston fails thats not usually an option.

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    I will try to get a picture up tonight. The engine crank seal was bad. It got water in and rusted the bottom of the crank. It pluged the holes that are used to lubricate the crank so the PTO piston had no lubrication and it was rusting. The engine was the factory engine and had never been opened. Now I think that I need a crank because the pins that go from the rod to the crack came out. I do not know how to repair that othern than changing it. If there is anothere way and its cheapper then i would do that. i am looking to save as much money as i can. I will have pictures of everything by tonight

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    You could have the crank rebuilt. Its not a cheaper option but would be better than an SBT crank. OEM cranks are the best.

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    Wow, water in from a crank seal? That hull must have been DEEP in water. But honestly..rust on the crank weights might not force you to buy a new crank. Definitely pull it out and inspect it.

    Agreed though on stepping up a size though.

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    I'd get a machine shop to look at it and tell you what you need, or don't need. A reputable one will probably be able to tell you when you show up with the bores and new pistons if you're good to go, or need more work..and should charge you a minimal amount (if anything) for the determination.

    To just guess is asking for trouble, IMHO.

    I had my cylinders all honed when I blew up my GP and it was $25/Cylinder for the job IIRC. Not a huge expense in the overall scheme of a rebuild.

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    Sorry i took so long on an update for this but here we go. After a closer inspection I found out that the Sleeve is cracked so there goes my idea of a cheap repair. I imagine that I have to re-sleeve that cyl. Now can I just do that one? do I have to do all three? Any pros and cons to do one against all three? Does anyone know any place like SBT that is cheap but that has better reputation than SBT?

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    No you can just do that one just buy a sleeve and have a machine shop replace it. The last sleeve i bought i have to bore it to size but you can buy one that is ready to go.You need to check all the cylenders and check the size of the other two if there is to much wear i would change all 3 but if they are in spec just do that one and you will be ok . And you might want to go to premix.

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