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    WB1 Chicago on Lake Michigan

    I usually use xh20 but i hear this is more geared to "sit downs" so hello to everyone!

    I took a trip to Chicago this summer and thought i would share the results

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    Me jetskiing in Chicago on Lake Michigan two weeks ago

    3:29 shows a good sub
    1:08 for good air

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    Sitdown? A blaster is hardly a sitdown. Did you know there's a subforum on X-H2O for blasters?

    Nice looking blaster btw. Mods?

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    I know its barely a sit down... but some people were giving me trouble on the x even though there is a sub-furum for blasters there. It has oil block off- mixed gas conversion, aftermarket waterbox (not sure what kind), solas impeller, Ocean pro rideplate, some type of scoop intake grate, oceanpro pump cone, ocean pro vortex flame arrestor, a aftermarket top end (dont know type), dakine foot straps, factory B pipe, maybe others but i havent took the head off yet
    heres a pic of the engine.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice setup in that blaster. Is it a recent purchase for you?

    BTW, looks like some fun riding there on Lake Michigan.

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    A child of five would understand this. Go get one. pierowman's Avatar
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    Nice! Ive always thought a stand up would be cool but a bit of a pain. Looking at yours makes me thing it would be a nice in between a standup and sitdown

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    I just bought this ski, i sold my kawasaki x2.

    yeah the lake was a blast! when i first got there my girl and I rode out of the port to be greeted by 6ft rollers... it was tuff to ride with 2! we turned arround and went back so i could drop her off. she took the videos

    Pierowman- it is the happy medium for sure! I have owned and ridden many stand up skis, they are fun and all but you get so damn tierd on those things and cant really relax. I also dont care for how your feet are so close together or tight in general in the trays of a stand up. The blaster and the X2 are great skis becasue it gives you the feel of a 4 wheeler stance, you can rest when you need to, and you can take hot chicks.

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    ^^^Yea, you can only take hot chicks. The big ones cant stay on. haha.

    Well that was a good buy man. Whoever built that knew what they were doing because its got some nice mods. I'm a blaster guy myself, I hate to call it a sitdown although it does have a seat.

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    Blaster 1's are awesome. We just sold our big bore in that same color a few months ago. I almost always sit down when riding it. Does take skill to board though, which can be a good thing. I almost thought yours was our old one, but ours had a white seat, and a stock waterbox. Did have a factory mod pipe though. Have fun, Lake Michigan is perfect place to play with a Blaster, we took ours up several times.

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    if you ever lake.Michigan hit me up I'm lot to far I'm a gp800r

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    alright, for sure!

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