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    99 SeaDoo GTi question

    I had a strange problem with my 99 GTi this past weekend. I thought it might be the wear ring but now I'm not so sure. When I ride it sometimes it works 100% normal and it's fabulous but then its like you grab the clutch and keep the throttle open. If you are standing when this happens you almost go over the handle bars. After some time it goes back to normal and then next time you hit a bump the same thing happens.

    Any ideas on things I should check?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone? I'm a single dad and can't afford to have it looked at by a professional. Any help / advice would be great.
    Thank you

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    once cavitation starts ( due to wear ring issue) the engine has to pretty much go back to idle before the water flow will be restored ( that's your pulling the clutch analogy). Get a bright light and get a look down the pump..if you can see the gap between the impeller and wear ring..then you absolutely have a problem. Sometimes the damage cannot be easily seen unless the pump is's not THAT difficult to pull the pump on a Seadoo. When you hit a small wave the pump gets some air, the engine revs up and when the ski gets back into the water the pump can't get thrust at the current rpm..slowing down to an idle makes everybody happy again. Sort of the inverse of driving in deep sand..if you let your struck're done.

    Get under the trailer and shine your light up thru the intake grate and look for something that don't belong there..same from the back end of the pump.

    Certainly plenty of support for a newbie pump rebuild here.

    pics help lots here...

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