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    Need Help Please........97 Seadoo gsi

    hey everone i got a 97 seadoo gsi and it wont start, basically the gauges dont show anything when that start button is pressed and it doesnt beep either when the key is put in. we've checked the fuses and all the wires and they are all getting power correctly, and obviously the battery is good and charged. i also check all the grounds i could find which was about 3, we've pulled the key out and pressed the start button 5 times and there is no diagnostic display either, and im not sure what else could be wrong with it, any ideas?

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    I bought a 97 GSI a few years ago that did exactly what you describe. I assumed the MPEM was bad and replaced it. It made no difference. In the end, it turned out that some dumbass previous owner was apparently troubleshooting it, and put either a probe or 1/16" drill bit in the MPEM contacts. The contacts *looked* fine, even under magnification, but when I tested them with a pin gauge (#55 drill bit shank, .052" diameter) I found there was no grip on all of the important pins, like the start switch, DESS post wires, etc. I simply took off the covers and bent the three tangs back in on the offending pins, put it back together, and it started right up.

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    hey thanks. one thing i should add is that we replaced the diode on the mpem and then put the battery in and it started up a few times but ever since that it has been a toss up as to weather it will start or not but the last day or so ive been working on it, it has not started once.

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    I checked the pins on the harness with a #55 bit shank and everything had good grip. Man I had high hopes that was it. luck

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    Hello everybody.... Still no luck......Anybody have any other ideas?

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    Sounds like a dead MPEM, if you verified you have good contacts, and verified you have good power and ground going to the MPEM.

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