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Thread: FZS vs SHO

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    FZS vs SHO

    How would people here compare their handling of bigger lake chop and wave handling? Considering trading up from vxr. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VXRBlue View Post
    How would people here compare their handling of bigger lake chop and wave handling? Considering trading up from vxr. Thanks.
    sho by far will handle better than the fzs.

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    The FX hull is better for chop; both of them are better than what you have now.
    Call around and see if you can find a dealer with some demo models or pre-owned for sale.
    They will usually let you test ride them and that's really what you need to do.

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    I rode both the FZR and FX SHO before I bought one. The SHO by far has the better ride. I would say using motorcycles as a comparison, the FZR is like a GSXR 1000 and the SHO is like a Hayabusa. They're both fast as hell, but the SHO has a better overall ride quality IMO anyway.

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    Is the SHO still 'fun' when riding solo or is it more of a cruiser and not going to be very good at wave jumping and spinning around etc? Obviously I know it is a 3 person large ski and won't be like a light 2 stroke.

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    These bigger skis arent exactly the spin around types. When I first rode one I thought I'd give it a try to see how things went and was chucked off..

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    When comparing to FX SHO which one the new 2012 FX SHO or the 2011 and older FX SHO? The new 2012 FX SHO is a completelly new hull thats as different from the old FX as the old FX is from the FZ if not more,the lower hull has a very different design from the pre 2012 FX SHO and therefore should have completelly different handlig from the pre 2011 or older FX, The new 2012 FX SHO has 6 chimes instead of 4,a full keel,completely different sponsons,quite different lower hull shape and is 7.5 inches longer and 24 lb heavier than the old FX SHO.
    Anyone have experince on both 2012 FX and also 2011 or older FX to compare the handling and rough water and chop performance of these 2 very different hulls?
    Looking at these 2 side profiles and specs show these 2 hulls are completelly different shape but have the same name.

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    I have a 09 fxsho and a 09 fzs . Fzs has a sportier feel, for me carves better and spins better than the fxsho

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    I have a 2010 FZS and a 2010 FX SHO. The FX SHO definitely handles the chop better. If a big boat goes by I find myself slowing down some and trying to get just the right angle so I don't get beat up. I'll turn around to make sure the gf on the FX is ok going through the big wake and she's just cruising right on through like it's no big deal. I bought them as a pair used so didn't have a choice, but if i were buying two brand new ones it'd definitely be two FX SHOs. I still have a blast on the FZS and it is sportier than the FX SHO and by no means a bad ski. Both have nearly 60 hours and have been great skis. Change the oil, change the plugs and ride.

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