I have been reading many threads about this and I am still lost.

Have no restart when hot. Let it sit 10 to 15 min then it starts.
Some time it sputters when you let off start button.
Now it wont start at all so i can finally test it.

This is what I have done...

New battery tested 10.6 at battery while cranking.

has orange to red/purple jumper wire from factory for LR mod

LR module is powered down when off (ie 0 volts on orange wire)

tried hooking non LR black/w wire to black ground as someone suggested to bypass LR no go

brown wire from cdi has 8.6 volts while cranking

performed hall effect test with 9v battery. test ok

ohms test on stator wires.

black to purple 5.5 ohms
red/purple to yellow .8 ohms
black to engine crank case .02 ohms
????? yellow to block 10 M ohms ????????
??????red/purple to block 6 M ohms??????
Is this bad?????

primary coil wires test

blk/w to blk (open)
blk/w to yel/red .4 ohm
blk/w to blk/blu .4 ohm
blk/w to blk/grn .4 ohm

secondary coil test

plug wires removed

blk/w to pins in coil

1582,1582,1608----is 1608 too far out of range??

I have heard that all three parts of coil never fail and someone said they have never found one to be bad

how do I test a CDI ????

CDI is red potted with serial port
hand written pt # 4010543

coil is pt#4010342

I have heard that red potted CDI is bad and some say black is bad ???

I placed a 12v test light in line between primary wires from CDI to Coil and light flashes when eng is cranked

Someone please help !!!! before I find some explosives