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    Wave Raider 1100 motor swap to a 01 gp1200r hull

    Will a raider 1100 motor line up and mount in a 01 gp1200r hull....or is it to much moding to try..Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mvpxspeedy View Post
    Will a raider 1100 motor line up and mount in a 01 gp1200r hull....or is it to much moding to try..Thanks
    The motor should mount right in but you will need a complete raider to swap all the electrical components exhaust and other items to make it work... as far as the jet pump you will need to have the gpr one in the hull not sure if it will match all up but anything can be done im sure others will chime in...

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    Thanks for the reply...yea i have a 95 raider in great shape motor run perfect and i have a gpr that i just put alot of $ in and it shatter a brand new piston and threw a rod out the side of the case so im done with the 1200r motor even though i love the 66v power.... I love the way the gpr hull rides and hate the way the raider rides so was wanting to swap motors if i could but not wanting to mod motor mounts or other will the motor mounts match and will the exhaust pipe work

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    Ok...The update on motor swap it can be done,but there is some moding..Before sitting the 1100 in the gpr hull you need to remove the high raise block on frt. bottom of motor=2x10m...then remove the frt. 2 gpr motor mounts from hull nearest to fuel tank and mount to 1100 leave the back two in because motor lines up perfect on back with mid shaft...leave gpr mid shaft in use 1100 rubber piece they should slide in perfect...once motor is in where you want it get a sharpie marker and trace motor mounts in frt. and pull motor and cut new holes and place a mounting bracket for motor should be will need the 'Y' adapter that runs to the water hose line off the 1100 which will hook right up to the 1100...and you will need the 1100 long hose that comes from fatty pipe to jet pump easy mount to will need the exhaust pipes and water box from 1100...need all the electrical stuff of 1100"DUH" oil/fuel lines match..gpr throttle cable is like 1" to short so you can remove handle bar pad change throttle cable holes so you have more slack and adj. cable all the way out both sides ..choke can stay in same hole adj. all way in both ends...all handle bar switches on gpr matches 1100 wire harness so just click and start ..and use the gpr jet pump..i will post pic. soon..

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    That looks pretty good, any test runs yet? What did you do with your 2 good 66v cylinders?

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    Got them on ebay....sold one the other has a lil scoring at Pv hole but still held pressure and ran motor good..its for $199 or best offer...going to test later on today...a lil excited fits in good and seems all is working good on hose..i know it want be as good as the 66v power but those 1100 are bullet proof and the gPr hull should do great raider hull is like a bull ride while its raining poor design...ill update for everyone..motor mounts wasnt to bad just traced it drilled ribbits out of frt. ones drilled the two big holes for new mount spot jigsaw a square out before new mount holes for my fingers to hold screw brackets that you just drilled ribbits out of and use those for new location..took me 4 -5 hours to do all...pretty simple just leave the 1100 motor complete just unhook hoses and cables and remove plenty of room to transferr..

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