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Thread: jumper wire

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    jumper wire

    Recently bought 96 sl 900 from auction that wasn't running but was just rebuilt. Found fuel pickup was plugged with leafcutter bees and crankcase was full of oil. Cleaned everything up and now ski runs awesome. Only problem was trim, bilge and rpm display not working. opened electrical box and traced wires and found yellow wire was not hooked onto yellow terminals but was hooked onto jumper wire that was also hooked to purple exciter wire and cdi box. removed jumper wire and hooked yellow wire to yellow terminal and purple wire to purple on cdi. Ski started right up and rpm, trim and bilge work great. jumper wire had part# 2460593 on it. what is jumper wire for and why would previous owner have put it on? Great Forum, its been a lot of help.

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    I think that might have been for a Fuji motor.

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