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Thread: 1998 Speedster

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    1998 Speedster

    Im looking at a 98 speedster, seems to be in good condition from the pics, just had a new key made for it and is said to have running engines. With that said, it sat since 2010. How fast do these boats run, fuel consumption.....any major issues with this year?


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    I had one of these a few years back. Great boat!

    With both engines in good running condition, carbs setup properly and pumps in good shape you'll see 50mph in a mild chop. Fuel consumption at WOT don't ask. No real issues with this year it has proven realiable twin 787s, although that boat is getting old. I would certainly inquire if the engines are original, or rebuilt. If they are original they'll be due for a rebuild soon if not ASAP.

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