FINALLY getting some time to finish up an SUV rear end rebuild and I am struggling with the lubrication issues. Somewhat of a "what goes where" dilemma.

Regarding the midwall bearing housing, i am just putting in a high performance marine synthetic in there but how do you know when it is full? Do you just start squeezing and eventually you start to feel resistance or do you actually see greens start to ooze out around the oil seals? I suspect that the oozing is not the case.

I know you pack the female splines with a bunch of course.

Same question on the tube that leads to the front of the motor. I assume that tubes the bendix gear but how much is too much?
Then there is the bearings of the pump housing. These bearings are not sealed and have been pre-lured with the 50/50 amsoil mix and then pressed into the housing. I do not have any of the amsoil mix to add so what can I use to compliment this mixture inside the void around the Spacer? My assumption would be that i need to install the front oil seals just behind the impeller, then stand the setup upright in a vice and then slowly drain something into the void through the rear bearing. Lower end gear lube??? Will mixing products with the existing amsoil blend cause any issues?

Lastly comes the cone at the rear. My assumption here is to put the marine grease that I am using in the intermediate housing and fill as per the manual. Help!!