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    RXT-X turbo all parts FS

    Garrett 28 turbo internal gate with about 10 hours on it waterjacketed mid pipe and Stainless exhaust. Thats the nuts of it but it will come with turbo mount bracket, return oil water lines and Custom exhaust Outlet. turbo is good for a modest 17psi I ran it in my T-X with Riva 8650ecu 15/22 prop, walbro pump and 50's. not a high performance setup but its realiable. ran 76mph at 15psi at 8400 rpm. the only thing I would do is Ceramic coat the Exhaust and Turbo Exhaust Side...I ran a blanket and never had a problem with heat and ski ran closed loop...I can include the custom coolant tank, XS intercooler, custom Cooler pipes and BOV + boost controller for Extra $...Turbo alone was $1000

    $1500 for turbo, mid pipe and exhaust plus water and oil lines

    UMI Steering $400 on its own or will include VTS housing Start stop button and Wiring, Throttle + cable for another


    Ported Throttle Body by Rossnemo with sensors

    $200 SOLD pending

    VTS motor $200

    2008 RXT-X 255 motor with 190hours. Has Block gaurd, Les Retainers, Riva Gasket and riva head bolts...motor Has Ingusted some water from ski partially sinking but is all sweat now. no Intake or Exhaust or S/C...


    Ally intake MAnifold Sensors not Included


    A list of other parts available

    Riva 8600rpm ECU $650....SOLD
    Riva 50lb injectors $150 for all 3...SOLD
    engine tech RRFPR $150 ...SOLD
    RAD racing Tourque Plate $80
    08 exhaust manifold..$200 SOLD
    Walbro fuel pump will be complete full setup if i can post it...$300
    R&D thermo $100
    Custom alloy Intake manifold $300 SOLD Pending..
    Fuel rail $100 sold pending
    Coolant tank $300
    Newish XS intercooler $80
    RXP 83mm Nozzle Incudes reverse gate and steering nozzle $200
    UMI steering setup with ODI grips, Rethal bars $400
    Riva catch can no filter $80
    Innovate AFR gauge + sensor $100... SOLD

    + anything else off an 08 TX

    Pump is not for sale

    Postage is NOT included you can calculate postage by going to Australia post Web Site(This is who ill use) most parts will be around the $50 mark to post but we'll negotiate at the point of sale

    those wishing to use paypal add 3% to Price....all Prices are in Australian dollars


    Will be home Next friday 27th for a week so can post out stuff from then

    Ski has run in salt water 100% of its life

    Thanks and have a great day
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    Sent PM steering


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    Damn that looks like good value, cheaper than going to a big boost charger.

    Where are you in Australia?

    Why are you selling?

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    I'm in WA...don't have time to use it as much as it needs, also after the pump bearing shit itself I don't have the motivation or time for it anymore.

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    what size is the turbo piping?

    who built the turbo setup?

    Whats the best you could do on the turbo and UMI? inc start stop housing.

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    Couple of vids of ski

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    2 1/2 inch was put together by Metalcraft marine in Mandurah as well as myself. UMI is pending payment. Turbo will depend on how much of the setup you want. The more you take the better the price..

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    I would need
    • full turbo setup
    • BOV + boost controller
    • coolant tank (assuming needed due to turbo heat and placement?

    also consider
    • Walbro fuel pump with fuel pump housing
    • fuel rail (aluminium?)
    • Throttle body
    • RAD torque plate

    Cant think of anything else at the moment.

    Got the stock X steering?

    Presume your 15/22 was trashed when your bearing went?

    Did the turbo get sunk?

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    Yeah water came in through the turbo understanding is the spraying bulk wd40 through everything will have sorted any issues out with regard to water egress..I. Shut ski down as it was going down..the coolant tank was Nesseary cause of the intake manifold being higher then the stock one so not Nesseary...Prop is ok but you would be better off with a new one, no stock x steering..throttle body is on hold till next Saturday, waiting on an answer from egor for steering..Could do 2k for what you need..and considering not including throttle body.the BOV is not great so I'll chuck IC and piping into that price. Would have to check on postage for it all as well.. Also the exhaust outlet you see in the vid..bolts in from inside of hull...It was a great setup and will give you a cheap great starting point..I would get the turbo ceramic coated and same with exhaust..powder coat on the other pipes..

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    sunk turbo worries me, bearings could be rusty etc

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