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    Just Picked up a Pair of 2005s...what do I do now?

    A family friend called and told me they had 2 2005 Sea Doos they wanted to sell me. I ran over, checked them out and bought them.

    The crafts:
    2005 Sea Doo RXP ~50 hours
    2005 Sea Doo RXT ~35 hours
    They came on a nice Triton 2 place trailer.

    I already ordered supercharger washers for both of them from the forum store. I ordered a pair of DEKA batteries as both need new batteries.

    Anything else I need to do/look over before hitting the water?


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    Pittsburg, Texas Lake Bob Sandlin
    New oil & filters
    new plugs
    check intake grate bolts torque
    check impeller nose cone, impeller, and wear ring for excessive wear or damage
    check pump area integrity and bolts
    check entire hull for damage or scrapes
    fresh gas
    fuel filters on bottom of fuel pump probably need to changed
    pull hose off of SC - check for excessive oil - if so REBUILD SC with Viton seal, not just washers
    check slip of SC now for reference
    check every bolt, hose clamp on ski for proper torque
    check hull for oil leaks, coolant, parts
    change coolant

    trailer - check / lube bearings, tire condition / pressure

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    Check the baler hoses in the back. Make sure they are held up high and the clamps are good.

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    How much did you get the pair for? Just wondering because I'm about to but two 2004 gtx with 30 hours. Just wanting to know what kind of deal I'm getting

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    Supercharger washers are upgraded with Riva Racing on both crafts. Overall the job was pretty easy. I was amazed with how easily everything came apart/went back together. The 1st one took me a while fumbling with the bearings, but the 2nd one went very fast. Counted the rollers to make sure I had 40 back in each time. Overall, both skis took ~6 hours start to finish combined.

    I hope to get them in the lake this weekend for a test ride. Unfortunately the local lake is speed limit restricted on the weekends to 30mph.


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