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    RESOLVED 98 GSX No elecrical....No beeps..

    I'm looking to pick up a 98 GSX limited pretty cheap.Doesn't start. Kid said it ran fine then NO electrical at all or beeps ect. I jumped starter solinoid. It turns over fine. I'll check compression tommarow after purchase. I'll put it through diagnostic mode after purchase. I did not want fixt it in his driveway scince he dropped price over $1000 when it was running. I don't think the gauges were starting up when start button pushed either , they should power up momentarily right ? .
    I did a search on "no beeps didn't get much info / too many posts. not many resolved replies except new mpem worked on a couple and bad beepers. For some reason free seadoo 98 shop manuals is quitting after a couple of seconds GRRRR!!!!!
    I have a DSS post and key I got here in a grab box. I know it has to be programmed . I think if i get a beep ? elect. situation old key will be fine.

    Thoughts ????
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    My 99 gsx starts fine. But sometimes it will not beep twice when I put the dss key on the ski. The ski starts up every time though. It is random. It beep most of the time. I wander if a plug or wirer is loose on it. Sound like there something more going on with yours. Sorry I couldn't help.

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    there is a main fuse in the rear box and fuses on the MPEM - check those first.. The whole system gets it's ground through the stator plug on the magneto cover - check that second..
    Beepers work when they want to and yes the gauges should come power up when you hit the start button..

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    Ok, bit the bullet 1500 for a clean 98 gsx limited. Cheap here... Has short some where. Blowing fuse in coil box after I plugging in bottom plug MPEM. Top two plugs okay. As I tap fuse to to it's connections, I swear I here a faintest knock near starter Llike that wire is trying to pull starter without using solenoid . It definitely is way over 15 amps by the spark i get and quick heat at fuse. I also picked up same ski with new factory motor that just has to be installed. so I can test readings against that one. Do mpem s blow that fuse on their own when fried . I don't want to plug in good mpem with a short in ski and kill it . I guess I can test that mpem in other ski after the motor installed> Also tested with both jet trim plugs unplugged still blew fuse. Hope for easy find

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    there are 3 fuses in the mpem (15A Battery - 7.5A VTS - 5A MPEM ) pull those fuses and intall the rear one.. Now install the battery fuse in the mpem.. We need to know what fuse is blowning..

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    will post i PM today bugging me all night/morning at work. Have a 2 new to me 98 gsxltd. One has new motor just have to install , this one a short. Want to ride this weekend.

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    Pulled plug to stator housing no more burnt fuses.After more forum searching looks like bad stator / pick up found just a few bits of metal. Not broken up bendex busting up pickup.

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    pulling the plug that goes into the stator housing removes the system ground -

    thus no ground = no short = no return path to blow fuses..

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    Read another thread about hitting starter when running and taking out stator, bendix and pickup. So pulled cove alls well per meter and shop manual. I think i ruled out VTS pulling all plugs. Fuse in question is in coil box. I unplugged all wires to VTS at rear and tested before and was blowing fuses still. I will put stator cover back on and reground and test fuses at MPEM like you said. I could plug MPEM in question into other (*GSXLTD . I just picked up with new motor I just am finishing up. At least the pipe is out of the way if i have to dig around wire looms now.

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    You do not have to put the stator cover back on - just ground the black wire in the stator connector... The fuse in the rear box (coil box) is the main fuse and before you..

    Pull the 3 fuses in the mpem - install the rear main fuse - install a 10A (not 15A yet) "battery" fuse in the mpem -

    Does that 10A fuse blow??

    If not, install the 5A mpem fuse -

    Does that 5A fuse blow or the 10A fuse blow??

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