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    Need advice on buying my first jet ski! (97 Yamaha Waveventure)


    New to the forums but not new to using forums, I am as noob as they come with Jet Ski's besides knowing how to ride one (I've only ever rented them). Me and my girlfriend have found a new crave for renting jetski's at the marina near us in Canyon Lake, TX. She told me that she wants to start coming once a month and renting one out, so I told her well if where going to do that why not just look for an older used one in good condition? So last night we got back from the lake and I popped onto craigslist and immediatley found a 1998 Yamaha WaveVenture 760 dual carb. I contacted the gentleman for the info on the jetski and was very impressed with what I heard, I also went and looked at it last night and was very impressed with what I saw. He is selling this for his aunt, they bought it new back in 98 and didn't use it much. The only thing I found amiss was he says its a 98 but the closest I can find to the model of the wave runner is actually a 97.

    So the jet ski was just out of the shop for a tune up, new plugs, lines, carbs cleaned etc. She started up with one bump of the start button (hooked up to the water hose) and the motor sounds very strong! He has a clean title in hand, it will come with a cover and the original magnum trailer (needs to be registered, they only used it for loading and unloading cause they lived at the lake) and the PWC has 105.5 hours on it. I has been garage kept and he said it averaged about 7 hours a year since it was bought new. Has tags to 2014 and comes with all original paperwork, manual, service reciepts etc. Basically it was a very well maintained jet ski.

    I am heading out to his place today around 10 this morning to do a test drive and will decide from there if I want to fork over the cash. His aunt is firm at $2400

    To me this sounds like a great deal, although I have seen some newer model 2 strokes and even a few 4 strokes for just a few grand more. Most of them have more hours on them and they do not look near as good as this one does.

    There are a few things that bother me:
    how easy/hard will it be to get parts for it?
    Where these jetski's known for problems or were they a good year?
    What kind of maintenance is required to keep the carbs tuned good together and running well? I owned a dual carb dirtbike once and it always needed to be tuned. If the carbs were not in sync it ran like crap.

    I have searched quite a bit for info on these jet skis and have not found much.

    Any advice or information would be great!

    Thanks guys

    MODS: I double posted this, not sure if it should go in the old school sub forum or the 2-stroke sub forum.

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    That seems like a hell of a lot of $$ for an older ski. Believe me, you want something that parts are readily the GPRS or xlts ...just sayin

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    You can find parts for that easy.. what size engine? I have an xl760 which uses the same hull and has around 250 hours on it. It's a good ski just 2500 is alittle much. Keep looking don't jump the gun to soon. Trust me I have owned a few skis, you want something with a 1200 in it. Are you looking for a 3 Seater? Look at xl1200 or venture 1200. Or my favorite kawi stxr. Two seaters would be gp, gpr or ultra150.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice, I test rode it today, brought it home with me!

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