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    05 Challenger 180 SE with f'd supercharger

    We were pulling tubers and all of a sudden couldnt go over 6500 and 10mph. Well, after a lil research, I come to the realization the supercharger let go due to CERAMIC washers I assume. I pulled the hose off and sure enough the SC turns by hand with metal dust inside as well . So, a few questions I have:

    How do I know if I need a full rebuild?? I heard that if the screen catches it all, then it wasnt needed...

    Wheres this screen at? lol

    Before I pull the motor and start to rebuild, does anyone know the approximate cost and is it cheaper to just buy a SBT motor?

    If the rebuild is necessary, the motor that goes back in will be no way near what comes out... whats the most bang for your buck performance mods available for the C 180s?

    Thanks for all the help that I recieve!!

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    The dust is aluminum from the wheel hitting the SC housing, you may have some issues beyond the ceramic material if enough aluminum went in to score the cylinders. You will need to pull the motor and both oil pumps to determine how much damage the washers did when they came apart. To figure out how bad the aluminum messed things up, I would pull the intake manifold off and see how much is in there, if its fairly clean then the intercooler and intake plumbing probably caught most of the dust and saved your cylinders. Start by pulling the SC and see if in fact the washers are missing, that will determine where you go from there

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    +1 on pull the motor and evaluate. Sounds like the sc bearings took a dump too..(you might get by with a complete clean'll know more when you check the oil pumps and screens). Whatever you do do not start the engine again! You _might_ get lucky and find a couple of big pieces of th washers and a reconstruction will tell you how much got thru the screens.

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    as soon as i realized that i had no power, i putted to the dock and put it on the trailer. it probably ran a total of 20min from when i realized there was a problem and trailer. i hope that wasnt too long.

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