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    94 SL 750 not charging, No RPM on MFD??


    Finally completely rebuilt my 94 SL 750, new triple pump, three new pistons, rebuilt carbs, removed oil injection and switched to premix. The machine runs good but since it sat for w while waiting a solenoid to come the battery went dead, so I decided to check the charging voltage with a multimeter and it was only reading battery voltage 12.6. Also when it is running there is no RPM on the MFD. I think I need to check the regulator since the bottom end was rebuilt by a mechanic friend of mine and he checked the stator and said it was fine.

    Now how do I properly check the regulator or voltage coming to it and will a bad regulator affect running or the RPM read out on the MFD? I do have the manual for it but it is not so clear on what to check, some help would be great thanks.

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    Does trim work while ski is not running? check the ebox if any yellow wires lost connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackwoodz View Post
    Does trim work while ski is not running? check the ebox if any yellow wires lost connection.
    + 1 No charging and no RPM on MFD points to yellow wire fault somewhere along the way....

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    This happen to mine and it was the charging coil on my stator was shorted out. I had to put a new stator on it. Test the red purple wire and yellow wire going to the the stator and ohm test your charging coil on the stator. There is a write up on here how to do it.

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    Hey all,

    Figured it out, I had the yellow wire coming from the stator hooked up to the red/purple terminal on the board, the lettering on the board can be confusing but i noticed when i was going to check the resistance and voila there was the problem.

    Now the RPM works and it is charging nicely and runs great.

    Thanks for all the feedback, did not read all the replies till after I figured it out, thanks again.

    Now onto figuring out installing an auto bilge pump so when I am playing in the water it pumps it out quicker than it comes in...Later

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