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    Is this a good deal for a VX110?

    I'm new to PWC, I've rented them before but never owned. The craft I'm looking at is a
    2006 VX110 deluxe with 76hrs on it no cover so it's been out in the weather... but over all looks ok.

    The asking price is $5500 with single trailer. I'm thinking there is a pretty high "it's hot out tax" on it but want to hit up the knowledgeable on this site.

    What would a good price for this craft be?
    Would it be able to swing a couple kids around on a tube?
    Any special needs or problems with this year/model?
    Anything particular to look for in the engine compartment, or drive system?
    Anyway to tell if they have been sucking up sand with it?

    Thank you for any input you can provide,

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    Sounds a bit high to me. In March of '10 we bought an '07 VX Cruiser with 50 hours in immaculate condition. It came with a nice trailer, cover, 3 life jackets, 3 wet suits, bumpers, etc etc. Since we are not mechanically inclined we spent a $100 for a "buyers" inspection at the dealer to check compression, etc.

    Overall it's been a good choice to start with and we haven't had any other issues with it mechanically 28 hours later. If I had to do it over again I would have been more patient and waited for an FX to come around. More power and better stability in choppy waters.

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    how much did you pay? is the cruiser similar to the VX110? Lakes only around me, so choppy water doesn't happen all that often here.

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    Sorry...duh...we paid $5000. Yes the cruiser is identical but with bigger seat backings.

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    ok so this one should be more in the 3700-4300 price range maybe...?

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    do you pull a tube with yours?

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    No tubers but I would think it could do the job. Check the KBB and NADA guidelines as well to see where it might fall $$$ wise. I take it you are purchasing it off of CL?

    People say the engine in the VX is highly reliable provided it's taken care of properly.

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    I bought 2 x 2006 VX 110 skis on a double trailer for 7500
    They had 44 & 48 hours.

    Ride what ever you buy for atleast 15-20 min to see if any issues POP up.

    Don't buy if you can't ride it to test it.

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    yeah I checked the NADA it said 4500-3700

    I drove by just a bit ago on the way home from work. the place was closed but I could see it through the fence. It has the seat/engine cover off of it... not sure why that would be... and there is a good chance it'll be rained on this evening. Is that bad for it? From what I understand water and the engine bay are not friends. other than the cover being off it looked pretty good... some scuffs on the bumper around the edge but other than that ok. I'll definitely test drive it, and I think it's on consignment.

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    CL=Credit loan? I'll be putting 1-2k down and finance the rest.

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