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    ultra 250x cutting out & showing FI codes?

    i have a 2008 kawasaki 250 ultra and it keeps losing power like its starving for fuel. it looses boost and rpm's and the engine has an abnormal vibration when it does this. it threw a fuel injection code on me the other day. also i didnt winterize the fuel system last winter. does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do at the house before i take it in for costly service? im new to fuel injection all my experience is with carbs. any info would be greatly appreciated. also pulling the injectors looks fairly easy how would i go about cleaning them?

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    You may want to try fresh spark plus first, then go from there. Plugs are a very common ailment for the 250. BTW You should also check out your jet pump bearings and upgrade the pump to 2011 spec ASAP. There's TONS of good info on here for the 250X, search and you will learn more than you want to know.

    I can tell you that by far the best way to clean them is to send them to Fuel Injector Clinic in Hobe Sound, Florida. They first do a test flow of each injector to document the performance as they received them, then completely clean them, replace screen filters and o-rings wherever possible and re-test them to document the "after" performance. You also get a data sheet of the before and after tests. Cost is $20 per injector + return shipping. WAY better than the cost of new injectors and there is no guessing as to if they are working properly or not. I was completely stoked with what they did for my 250X injectors.

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    There are various things that can cause that drop in performance (including fouled plugs or ic) but why not focus first on F1 diagnostic code? That may mean a little sensor went out putting you into limp mode that feels just like you describe. If its just a sensor, thats not an expensive fix. Good luck!

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