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    V-tech maps 48 8350 beta?

    Hello everyone,
    This is the first time I post on this forum but I come here often to read post. I'm from Quebec (Canada) and I speak French so be indulgent because English is my second language. I do not practice my writing often

    I had for nearly 5 years RXT 215 2005 but this year I bought the new rxp x 260.

    There is the changes I made (75.2 mph)
    15/20r-solas impeller
    V-tech Tuning ECU 8350

    future changes
    -A / F meter
    -Fizzle-4 "air intake kit

    I have a question about the maps v-tech. Jonathan from V-tech send me email and I want to know if anyone had a similar email and try this map???

    Made for skiing with stock injectors.

    Its Called 48 8350 BETA.

    better midrange

    better throttle response.

    And Some Other Improvements

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    Welcome to the Hulk

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    I got the same email. Downloaded the new map but haven't tried it yet.

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    Hmmm I'm interested to find out what the difference is.
    And why didn't I get the email too? lol

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    I got the email too. Will try and back to back test tomorrow, between my 48 8400 tune, then switch to this new 48 8350 beta file.

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    its a special version that we developed for better performance for active driving, race and so on.

    As you know there is a lot of different versions of stock software for these skis.
    This beta is made primary for the RXP-X 2012 with the new software.
    If you have such ski but did not get the email it means you have a older software in your ski.

    Its a very good idea to upgrade your ski at a dealer so your get all bugfixes done.
    its not just the ECU but also the IBR, Dashboard that get updated.

    If you unsure what ver you have you can email vin to [email protected]
    or to the new support adress : [email protected]

    If you did go to a dealer and you still did not get a update done then the dealer have a old BUDS version.
    Current is 3.3.4

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    Email sent to Jonatan...
    I would like my update.
    Updated BUDS recently.

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    Fast responds downloading now.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpl2008 View Post
    Fast responds downloading now.....
    Your the first one who actually emailed to the correct support address ..

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    Should we always Return the 'Ski back to Stock before Updating the Tuner and Loading the New Software or no?

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